Saffiano Leather Bag


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Many colors available.
Black, white, beige, brown, blue, red, and lots more.
Please inquire for other colors using contact form on the bottom of the page.

Type:             Shoulder
Style:             Fashion
Material:       Real leather
Color:             Many colors available
Strap Type:    Leather ring
Bag Size:        Medium

Bag Length:   33cm
Bag Width:    14cm
Bag Height:   24cm

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    Red Inside: Black, Red Inside: Beige, Red Inside: Brown, Red Inside: Dark Blue, Black Inside: White, Black Inside: Beige, Black Inside: Pink, Black Inside: Purple, Black Inside: Red, Black Inside: Dark Blue

    1 review for Saffiano Leather Bag

    1. Stewart Adams, Investment Banker

      My wife is a real Fashionista; it’s really hard to impress her. But this bag surely did the trick. She has completely fallen in love with it and takes it everywhere with her. I will certainly be ordering from here for more gifts!

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